Our Services

4Comm was conceived to provide clients a new strategic option to address the pressing go-to-market questions many organization face.

Visoinary. Pragmatic. Holistic.

4Comm merges expertise from management and market analytics (contextualizing and evolving the traditional four Ps--product, price, promotion, place), contact strategies (communication plans, media selection, creative focus), and vital implementation functions (accountability, key performance indicators, process) into client-centric go-to-market consultations.

Areas of focus (and questions we've heard)

Market Planning and Operations
How can we grow revenues in a flat market? Where should we focus additional resources and investment this year?

Segmentation and Analytics
Are we focusing on our most profitable customers? How do we better measure and predict the return for our sales and marketing?

Product Realization
What will it take to get this product to market? How do we know this product is right for the market?

Contact and Media Strategy
Are we effectively communicating with our target audience? Do we have right media mix targeted to communicate efficiently?

Operations/Process Guidance
How do we adapt from what the market tells us? Should this function be handled by internal out outside resources?

4Comm brings affiliates that are successful experts in their field whether they are single industry expert or a full service agency or provider. The 4Comm approach assures that clients have access to functional assistance needed to compliment their internal resources.

Go-to-market success or failure can be determined by factors outside of the traditional 'marketing' sphere. That's why we work as a trusted, objective advisor unafraid to highlight barriers to success (internal or external) and suggest action plans.

Our Approach

Set the business goals.
We collaborate to determine your strategic and tactical goals so we know what success looks like before we get started.

Identify target audiences.
We identify not only who, but also what their triggers are.

Define your position and message.
We illuminate what differentiates you and develop a message platform around that.

Set measurable objectives.
We develop specific and measurable objectives that are tied to your business goals.

Develop a strategic action plan.
We create our strategic approach for meeting those measurable objectives, and then the specific activities that need to be implemented. It's a holistic approach, meaning we leave no stone unturned.

Establish responsibilities.
What is the best mix of resources internal and external? We bring the practices to get the project done on time and on budget while recognizing contingencies related to your data and systems.

Define your budget.
We help create expense budgets to ensure we're in line with your expectations and resources.

Set out a timeline.
We will establish milestones to make sure we all stay on task and moving forward.