4Comm was conceived to provide clients a new strategic option to address the pressing go-to-market questions many organization face.

Visionary. Pragmatic. Holistic.

While numerous players provide services that address a piece of the equation, we saw a visionary, yet pragmatic opportunity for someone to address things in a more holistic fashion. This means:

  • digesting customer research and analytical tools
  • addressing the core elements of a product offering as well as it's sales methodology
  • focusing the messaging and contact strategy
  • managing ongoing support functions

It also meant recognizing that sales and marketing are not linear activities--they're cyclical. If we've positioned clients to adapt and take action based on what they're continuously learning, then we've succeeded.

4Comm team lead Bradford Warner brings extensive and diverse experience with both business and consumer markets to clients through new thinking, a results-based focus and equal appreciation for the science and art of marketing. Warner's work has spanned market planning, product development, segmentation/analytics, business development and marketing communications roles. His experience includes work in the entertainment, health care, logistics, consumer electronics, services and communications industries.


4Comm relies on trusted relationships with providers in a several areas to provide clients a flexible, variable cost option to tackle a wide variety of go-to-market issues.

Allied service areas include:

  • Business intelligence
  • Market research
  • Creative services and advertising
  • Force.com application development
  • CRM implementation
  • Production and fulfillment services
  • Business financial management