Our Work

4Comm was conceived to provide clients a new strategic option to address the pressing go-to-market questions many organization face.

It's All About Organic Growth

Product Realization and Market Launch
4Comm collaborated with technical allies in wireless system engineering, information technology and database management in the development and market launch of a novel new information systems offering. 4Comm successfully lead the engagement as it related to go-to-market strategy and tactics.

B2B Channel Development
An international electronics manufacturer desired to enter the U.S. market with several portfolios of technology focused on both specific commercial niches as well as broader consumer devices. This channel development project involved competitive analysis; sales funnel modeling and forecasting; marketplace assessments, professional services solutions. A multimillion dollar new channel was created. that was strategic to the manufacturer and the marketplace.

B2C E-Commerce Channel and Product Portfolio Development
An traditional B2B organization wished to leverage their production and fulfillment expertise into the B2C marketplace through a nationwide network of partners. The partners were equipped with customized e-commerce portals, tier I customer support, and a complete branded product portfolio. More than 30 partners and storefront were brought online bringing an addressable market of more than 2 million consumers.

Service Productization and Sales Support
A regional business services organization made the strategic commitment to develop new services around leading-edge 1:1 communications technology. 4Comm created the master project plan, aided in technology assessments and infrastructure and collaborated with client resources to develop sales support materials. The new portfolio was brought to market and generating revenue in less than six months.